Who is Ivan?

ivan febriansyah hadi nugraha

Hello, my name is Ivan Febriansyah Hadi Nugraha, it's a long name that has given by my lovely mother. To simple it, let's call me Ivan. I'm Indonesian from Sundanesse race. Until February 2019 I'm still 30 years old. Currently, I live in Tangerang with my wife and work in Jakarta as a Magento Developer.

And my stories goes ...

My carrier path starts with a freelance designer back in 2009. While I'm working as an Internet Cafe Keeper in Bandung and spending time with designing a banner and reading blogs about computer science. Until someday, my boss introduces me to his friend who needs an in-house designer for his company. Sure, I'm excited about it. So in 2010, I become a designer in confection house. I'm designed from a banner, a pattern for a sweater, sweater, sticker, web and you named it. Technically, I'm a designer of everything

While working as 'everything' designer, a friend of my girlfriend (now wife) ask me to help him create a mockup web design for a furniture company. It's very challenging because I'm making real money from code. Until then, I'm taking a freelance project from Odesk.

Skip, skip, skip. on 2013 I'm taking a full-time job in my girlfriend office back then. I'm doing design mockup and code for the company, I'm responsible to maintenance hardware, server, domain, design, deliver code in HTML CSS and jquery with no framework or cms, until editing video. In this company, I've learned a lot of things, from the smallest part of the business until office drama.

In 2014, I moved to Jakarta following my girlfriend. 3 month jobless in Jakarta until my friend calls me offering job as Web Designer where he belong to work. Start in this company, I meet the CMS which named Magento. At the time, I don't know anything about Magento, I learned by doing. Until now, Magento Developer is my title. In this company, I've learned about e-Commerce, handling huge brands, until to be a part of Paraplou.com. Paralou.com is like my baby, everytime someone asks me what project do I really proud of, I always answer Paraplou.com. Why is that? because I'd involved from the beginning as a concept until its become live website.

In 2016, I moved again. I'm settling down in Acommerce until now, the biggest fish who play at e-Commerce and fulfilment in Indonesia. I'm moved to Acommerce because of Paraplou is falling down and close the business in Indonesia (so sad). So many achievements for my self during working in Acommerce, I growth in this company, I become strong in Magento in this company, I learnt a lot of things from this company.